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The Hunter Coping and Health in Context Laboratory (CHiC) examines psychological, interpersonal, and contextual factors that promote better adjustment to chronic disease.  It examines the natural progression of psychosocial adjustment among patients with cancer (breast, prostate, blood), gender and ethnic minority disparities in coping and adjustment, and couple-level processes (dyadic coping). We also design brief behavioral interventions to improve the quality of life among people with chronic illness and conduct proof-of-concept experimental studies using the Hunter subject pool.


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Our Research

  • Psychosocial adjustment among young adults with hematological cancer
  • Parenting an adult child with cancer
  • Disparities in representation of women and racial/ethnic minorities
  • Systematic review of social constraints and chronic illness
  • Asthma in emerging adults
  • Sleep hygiene intervention
  • Skin disease and stigma
  • Dyadic coping among families facing stress
  • Optimistic bias in medical decision making
  • Spousal influences on health and well-being among healthy couples
  • Illness representations of cancer
  • Latino adolescents coping with parental cancer
  • Support behaviors among patients with COPD and their caregivers
  • Psychological Adaptation for older adults with multi-morbidity
  • Levels of physical activity among South Asian Americans with uncontrolled hypertension

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Dr. Tracey Revenson Named New Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Behavioral Medicine
Congratulations Tracey!
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695 Park Avenue

Hunter East Building Suite 1200

New York, NY 10065